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How To Go From Stuck And Struggling To Prosperous And Happy In 12 Months Using The Million-Dollar Blueprint

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Do you find yourself working your tail off and wondering if there is a better way? The Million-Dollar MSP Blueprint will show you how to shift from an exhausted overworked 'tech-with-helpers' into a thriving million dollar+ MSP owner! 

This FREE half-day virtual workshop led by Robin Robins and eight-figure MSP owner, Will Nobles, will give you the proven steps to build, operate and grow a profitable MSP that's doing $1 Million+ in revenue and eliminate the frustration that you're working harder than ever and just not getting ahead.

Join Us And Discover How To:

  • Attract MOTIVATED CLIENTS with good IT budgets before your competitors get to them first.
  • ​Expose the hidden GOLDMINE of opportunity that’s within every MSP’s business right now.
  • ​Apply the RIGHT systems and processes to get your accounting, operations, and marketing in order.
  • ​Ramp up sales by 20% to 26% WITHOUT needing to find new leads and clients.
  • ​SKYROCKET your recurring revenue and do it without losing clients. (Hint: This is something every MSP needs to do immediately!)

Who Is Robin And Why Should You Listen To Her?

There is no doubt about it: Robin Robins has helped more MSPs and IT services businesses to double – even triple – sales, profits and MRR growth than any other marketing consultant in the IT services industry, period.

As a trusted advisor to over 10,000 IT services business owners for over 19 years, Robin knows a thing or two about what it takes to grow sales, recurring revenue streams and a profitable client base for an IT services business. 

In addition to her hands-on experience in working with IT business owners, Robin runs a phenomenally successful and profitable multimillion-dollar services business herself. Unlike many “ivory tower” consultants who run a business in their dreams, she can speak from actual experience in marketing, packaging and delivering intangible services, dominating a niche, building a “dream team” of colleagues (she doesn’t call them employees) and building a raving-fan, loyal client base. 

From marketing to time management, Robin will give you her most powerful secrets to secure FAST and SUBSTANTIAL gains in any IT services business.

In this BRAND NEW program, our clients have used our framework to generate these results!

Hani Eshack, Founder
Critical IT Solutions

 We Landed A $185,000 Managed Service Client!

Before MSP Launch Academy we were not conducting QBRs. Launch Academy taught us how to do QBRs and we are getting amazing results. We took a break-fix customer to a $185,000 managed service client by attending weekly sessions and following the process. I recommend MSP Launch Academy to any business owner that needs to clean up operations and add revenue.

Demetrius Sampson, COO
Point To Point Solution

 MSP Launch Academy Is AMAZING For Us! 

We added $8,400 in monthly recurring revenue by using the principles taught during the Contract Session of Launch Academy. We immediately applied them to a proposal. Launch is amazing for us, and we have experienced tremendous growth from it.

Gene Painter, Owner
Orion Technology

 It Is Just Plain Cool How Well That One Campaign Is Working!

Drip tip campaign has a 50% response rate and has already sold a training package. They are professionally written, have high response rates, and clients express how much they like them. It is just plain cool how well that one campaign is working.
We were able to get our first contract in 20 years simply by attending MSP Launch Contract 101 session and following the process. We sent out 7 Google Review Campaign emails and 3 clients responded right away giving us raving reviews that we will definitely use in marketing and on our website.
I could not be happier and would recommend this program to any small MSP who needs help ramping up the business and marketing plan.

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